doTERRA Oils Product list (A – C)

doTERRA provides a comprehensive list of essential oils. To logically keep things organized, we included this doTERRA oils product list. This alphabetically organized page lists the oils for A – C.   You can access the other menu pages from the menus located in the header and footer. We provide a brief description for each oil below which links to the associated essential oil’s content page. These oil pages discuss the major areas in well-organized article that included images and videos. You will see the uses, properties, and related health benefits for each doTERRA oil.


doTERRA Oils Product List
There are different ways you can buy doTERRA oils depending upon your needs. You can click the image to see the options.  This includes wholesale pricing. Once you review your buying options, please contact me if you want more information on becoming a doTERRA Wellness Advocate.

doTERRA Oil Products list




About doTERRA Oils as a Company

The finest native plant extracts from around the globe comprise doTERRA’s essential oils products. This is a global effort that conforms to strict environmental standards. The purpose is to to achieve maximum purity and potency for each oil. The doTERRA oils product list choices are available both individually and as blends. Blends have been mixed for a specific use and to help you with areas such as aches and pains and or elevating your mood. The doTERRA blends offered are provided on separate menu pages. Individual oils are accessible from the doTERRA oil alphabetized list pages such as this one. The information is available by clicking on each essential oil’s name. The menu pages provided on the site are accessible from the main menu located both in the header and footer.

You should be advised that each doTERRA essential oil is not limited in its application. Surprisingly, each oil can be used for hundreds of different things. You can click on the individual oils listed above. You will gain access to the oil’s specific content page that offers the specific information for each oil.


* As with most wellness non-prescription products, the statements made here are for your research purposes; and have not been as yet evaluated by The Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  This site’s information should not be used to diagnose or treat an illness or condition that you may be experiencing. We do not claim that the doTERRA products discussed on this website can cure or prevent any diseases or ailments. You need to visit your medical doctor before using any product for a specific illness.


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