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Because of the vast selection available, we List doTERRA Oils alphabetically on designated menu pages to make our site more organized. Each oil links to its specific description page that offers a detailed description about the suggested uses, properties, and health benefits.

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List doTERRA Oils

List doTERRA Oils


Frankincense is considered one of the most precious essential oils that contains extraordinary health benefits. In addition to supporting healthy cellular function; It can also rejuvenate your skin, as well as having beautifying properties that reduces the appearance of skin imperfections.


About doTERRA Oils and Company Culture

The single essential oils offered by doTERRA are the finest all natural extracts from native plants from around the world. Each oil is distilled from plants according to strict Eco-friendly standards to achieve the maximum purity and potency. These essential oils are available individually or as blends for a specific use, such as to help you with sleeping or breathing. You can read about what each oil offers on the individual oils pages available by clicking on the essential oil’s name above. All the alphabetized menu pages are available from the main menu located above and below in the footer.

Each doTERRA essential oil is not limited to one specific use and can be used in hundreds of different ways. Click on the doTERRA Essential oils above to visit the specific oil’s comprehensive description page for more details.


* The statements made on this website are for educational purposes. They have not been evaluated by The Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  Please do not use the information to diagnose or treat an illness or condition. We made no claim that the doTERRA products can cure or prevent any diseases or ailments. You are encouraged to contact your medical physician before using any product. It is always the best course of action.



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